Trust Yourself

The tropic of trust is always well sort after as it takes a lifetime to build,  but can be wiped away in just a second. Trust is not just an external factor, as in to trust your partner or your friends but it is also an internal one. Trusting yourself is to say, being grounded enough to stand your grounds even when the odds are stacked against you.

A while back, I was over at a friend’s place and as we started to chat away, she graciously offered to make some hot coco. She took out a bottle of chocolate shavings boldly labeled 100g. Taking the label to be true, she kept pouring the shavings into the two various cups. After adding warm milk the hot coco tasted like, a melted cadbury bar. She was perplexed as to why her coco tasted different. And as we were sipping on our melted chocolate bar, her mum happened to walk into the kitchen and reminded my friend that the label on the bottle is marked 700g not 100g. And just like that we started to laugh our heads off. After the incident, my friend did go on to say,she had her doubts, but she chose to trust the label instead.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get in situations, with people and even work. Most of us have a inner voice, you can call it a gut feeling or intuition that says “something doesn’t feel right”, but we usually brush it aside placing our confidence on external factors such as labels and hear says. Concentrate on following your intuition instead. This can be difficult if you’ve been taught to rationalize every decision. Life is dynamic and living authentically requires flexibility.This week challenge yourself by placing your trust on yourself and observe the difference within you.


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