3 Essentials Qualities To Make Your Relationship Grow

Looking at a old married couple and asking yourself, “how did they do it?” Is equivalent to looking at a beautiful rose garden and asking, “how did the garden get so beautiful?”. There is no magic formula or pill that you can use or take to make the relationship that your in perfect.

Most people look at the end result and say, “I want that”. Failing to realize the time, effort and energy put into making the creation. If you want a beautiful rose garden, then plant the seed, get the soil fertile, water the plant, ensure there is enough sunlight. And most importantly be prepared to get your hands dirty.

What do I mean when I say all this, when your in a relationship and you want to be like the old married couple, work on it to make it grow. There are three essentials qualities that keeps popping up when your in a relationship. Firstly, Communication, I realize men and women speak completely different languages and thats where most of the mis communication are created. Take a step back and resolve any dis agreements you have with communication.  A relationship is a two way street. Both parties have to want to resolve the dis agreement. There are no sacrifices in a relationship only compromises, meet the person half way.

Secondly, Acceptance, realize that even roses have a few thorns. No body is perfect, all of as have some flaws. Instead of spending all your time on removing the thorns just accept that it is part of the rose and appreciate it for all its glory. Now i’m not saying to be with a abusive/ mean person. I’m saying if your partner laughs like a hyena or chews like a camel, just think of it as their quirks and move passed it.

Relationships are a lot like gardening if you put in the time to plant the seed, get the soil fertile, water the plant and  ensure there is enough sunlight, at the end of the day your gonna be sitting with sweet smelling roses. Take the time to talk to your partner, accept the person for all his or her glory. Lastly, be present and show up each and every day. By that I mean, you don’t just water the plant for a day and expect a rose garden the next day. Step into the garden and ask yourself what does this garden need, is it sun light, water, fertilizes? Those who plant suffer the storms and the seasons and rarely rest but a garden just like a relationship never stops growing.



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