Discover Your Center

Discovering your center is like going back to the roots of a tree. Each of us is connected with the Seed that belongs to the same tree. The beauty of the tree is that it has different branches and on each branch numerous leaves.

All individuals are also different and have their own role. Think about what we have in common and you will appreciate every human being. Say there is a weak spot, something you do not see or that you do not want to see about your character. One of the ways to discover your center is through others.

They are the mirrors that reflect your personality. If something bothers you about someone, you are recognizing an attitude that is actually within you. When you feel it does not affect you an you can respond calmly, it means that this weakness is no longer in you and you have connected to your center.

Being centered, is at the heart of living in Awareness. Anytime you are in the present moment and deeply enjoying yourself, is a moment in awareness. Today bring your full attention to whatever it is that your doing, and discover your center.


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