Riding with Ego And Awareness

All of us have the above two mentioned qualities the Ego and the Awareness. But when are we being egoist and when are we in awareness?

Think of the body as a vehicle eg. a car. The driver of the car is the Ego,  the one that has the eyes fixed on the road  and is very much focused on getting to the destination on time. And this, I must say can be stressful and tiring.  And you have a passenger in the back seat of the car which is Awareness, the calm relaxed one that takes in the sights and sounds of the journey and enjoys the ride. Most of us identify ourselves with only the driver of the car, thinking we have absolute control of the lives we lead. Being attached to ones ego forces you to go through the motion of the ups and downs of the car’s journey.We get angry and upset when there is a traffic jam and things don’t go according to plan.

However, if you can identify yourselves as the passenger of the car instead you will be more receptive to the journey ahead. Now i’m sure most of us have been drivers and passengers in a car journey at some point in our lives. Recall the experiences you had and you will realize that though it was the same car journey, the driver and the passenger have two very separate experiences. The driver is the one who is rigid and looks at the map to ensure the car is going in the right direction. The passenger on the other hand, sits back and relaxes taking in the music and new sights. In awareness, one is flexible and is opened to detours finding oneself in places  never thought  possible. We spend most of our time planning and doing, going in the same direction instead of sitting back and being open to new horizons. Our culture honors accomplishment and action over being. Find time to just sit back and enjoy being in awareness by taking your focus away from only being the driver and instead be the passenger.

Now if your wondering about the certainty and security. To that I say, all security is false, we spend lots of time in life trying to manipulate the things and the people around us so we will feel safe. We all long for security, from loneliness, from fear, from illness. Yet the great irony is that nothing is secure enough to last, even with the best planning. Because all things change. Instead, choose to embrace the absolute truth of change, and then notice how much safer you feel. Sit quietly for a few minutes. Inhale slowly, and as you exhale let yourself settle into the awareness that all is fleeting. This awareness is the only security.


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