Gratitude For The Journey Ahead


Its that time of the year where we take stock of all that we are grateful for and hope that the new year brings as experiences with new beginnings, new opportunities and even great adventures. Most of us may have already made some resolutions, have accomplishments we want to achieve or planned ahead and marked the calendar with trips for the future.  Now, before we embark upon the journey to the future, let stop for just a minute and ask ourselves what we are thankful for at this very moment. This could be anything from being healthy and alive to being surrounded by great family and friends. A simple exercise to get deeper into the experience of gratitude is by creating the Gratitude Box;

Step 1: Take a piece of paper and write down all the things and people you are thankful and grateful for at this very moment.

Step 2: Fold the piece of paper and place it in a box

Step 3: Tuck it away and go about your lives

Now what is so great about the gratitude box you may wonder. It is easy for as to be in gratitude  when our days are smooth sailing. But we have 364 days of journey ahead of us, some days will be sunny and bright, some might be cloudy with strong winds, and than there are days where the rain just keeps on pouring, the fog and dark clouds puts a damper in our moods and in turn affects the journey we have ahead of us. Now, when you find yourself having to face the dark rain clouds, drenched from head to toe thats when its gonna be challenging to realize blessings in your life.

Think of the gratitude box as an umbrella, you may not be able to control mother nature but you can change the way you approach her. When you set out on a journey and fog covers the road, you don’t decide that the road has vanished. Be patient, sit still and take cover in gratitude, by that I mean take out the gratitude box and instead of focusing on the rain take your attention to the blessings you have and you soon realized as you were reading the note the rain has stopped as it was only temporary and you will find your way back to the bright and sunny days.

Heres wishing everyone a Happy New Year may your journey ahead be harmonious.


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