Cornerstone Candidasa

We Can Make A Difference


Peer Mohamed started out on a mission 2 years ago, his goal was simple : Educate the youth of the village, and ensure the well being of the elders of the community. The program has went so well Peer now needs our help.With our support we can make a difference in the lives of children and seniors in Candidasa, Bali. The number of children now aspiring to attend Peers weekend classs continues to grow. The children need any learing material we can offer for weekend classes, as well as, sponsorship to attend the local school. In conjunction with teaching the youth of Candidasa, Peer also sponsors the elders of the community. Our monetary donations will provide food vouchers for the elders so they are able to have the nourishment they need.

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booksDonations For Books

Peer’s weekend classes have 14 students ages 5-8 years and 6 students aged 10 years. The classes focus mostly on English and Math which are both necessary for the children to succeed in the future. Please contact us if you have any curricula related materials for children ages 5-10.

Specified items listed below:

  • Reading/Writing Work Books
  • Writing Materials
  • Notebooks
  • Calculators

SchoolSponsorship To Attend Local School

Most of the village children do not have the financial means to attend school. Any amount of monetary donation will assist these children to get the proper education they need.
To Sponsor a student pledge $20/month or $240/year
Any donation is accepted and greatly appreciated.

oldageDonation For Food Vouchers

Cornerstone Candidasa will provide the Seniors of the community with food vouchers.  These vouchers will provide ability to purchase rice, cooking oil, potatoes, and sugar.
To sponsor the elders pledge $50/month or $600/ year
Any donation is accepted and kindly appreciated.

If you need more information on Cornerstone Candidasa call me at +65 9001 4145 0r drop me a mail at
I sincerely thank you for your kind generosity.


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