Can yoga control our temper?

10523474_905568162791352_9127096449644486241_n Truth is you can’t control anything. And if you do try and control, whatever you resist will persist. What you can do is practice yoga to train your body and mind to be more aware of your emotions. We practice Satya in yoga, being true to ourself. Temper is not a bad emotion, it is there for a reason. We are after all humans and part of that is feeling, to feel is to be alive. What is negative is indulging in your temper and regretting your actions later. Control is never the answer or solution to life’s problem. To control is to put a bandage on a wound. It’s only a temporary solution.

Yoga teaches us to observe our emotions and instead of acting on it, we acknowledge it ,accept it and let it go. What we practice on the mat is yoga exercises, yoga begins when we step off the mat. It’s easy for me to say this, but takes a lot of practice to apply it. Today when you step onto your mat, pause and take a step back and acknowledge your emotions, be it mad, sad or disappointment. Take a ujjayi breath and let it go before you began your practice


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