Why You Can’t Have The Good Without The Bad


How many of us have made this statement before?

“I will be happy when I ____________ .” The blank space can be filled in with the words, a promotion, a pay raise, losing the extra 3kg…and the list is endless. Pursuing happiness would be like the wild coyote chasing after the road runner.

If your familiar with the Looney Tunes cartoon, The Roadrunner, you would know that the wild coyote keep chasing after the road runner and time after time the coyote fails to catch him, the coyote comes up with bigger and brighter plans to catch the road runner but some how the road runner just manages to slip away. Ask yourself how much time was wasted in the pursuit of the road runner. If the coyote would have just stop for a second to smell the roses or take in the scenery of all the places he was in, he might have actually stop chasing the roadrunner and may have decided to be vegetarian instead. ( Its just one of many possibility 😉 )  What i’m trying to say is a seeker will forever be in the journey of seeking.

Thats not to say one should be happy in a dead end job or stay in a unhealthy relationship.  Moving onto the next phase in your life, be it having a new partner, a new job or a new house, its not in pursuit of happiness but in the Transition of Change, the wiliness to let go of the old, to embrace the new with open arms. Happiness is feeling that arises from within, if its in relation to external factors such as your bank account or the type of car you drive.One will always be chasing after the next bigger and better option. Your internal feelings or state of being affects your external reality.For example; a pessimist would always see the glass half empty, while the optimist would see it half full. No accomplishment alone provides happiness. Its the way you view your life.

Happiness is not a far and distance experience, its here and Now. It can be felt when there is exchange of kind words between friends, a loving embrace from your loved one or by singing the tunes to your favorite music artist.The happiest people don’t have the best of everything but make the most of everything.

Lets not leave out our good friend sadness behind. People who do not occasionally fall on their faces are not growing. Sadness is usually given a negative connotation, while happiness is widely pursued. If your familiar with the recording music artist Adele, you would know that she began composing material for a second album title 21 while still involved in the relationship that subsequently inspired the record. However, the studio sessions were aborted halfway due to a lack of inspiration. She resumed production immediately after the breakdown of her relationship, channeling her heartbreak and depression into the composition of her songs. If not for her sadness the world would have been deprived of her chart topping hit songs such as “Someone like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”.

Happiness and Sadness are like day and night. We can’t appreciate the beauty of the sunrise, a large orange fireball in the distance casting an orange haze above the horizon, without ever having experienced the sunset. Each moment has the same potential for wholeness be it in happiness or sadness. Feel what your feeling by staying present.


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