3 Big Lessons Before 30

rashita 31I celebrate my 31st birthday today and its been a world wind of a life. As you get older it feels like time moves way faster, in a blink of an eye a year goes by. Each year when I look back and take stock of the year’s events I remember the milestones, birthdays, anniversaries and cultural holidays. I also realise the experiences I’ve gone through, the good, the bad and the ugly made me the person I am today. Its less about growing up and more about growing into yourself. These are the 3 big lessons i’ve learnt before 30.

1)Love & Relationship

It’s not about how much you fight it’s about how fast you make up. No matter how much you and your partner are similar and how much you know each other. Your not gonna see eye to eye on everything. There will be moments you just have to agree to disagree. Arguments can be a good way to trash things out but everything in moderation. Celebrate your differences, it’s what makes you grow as a couple. A little insight on my own relationship, my husband Kley is a super sweet guy but I mostly call him “Captain Planet”. Those of you who are not familiar with this 90’s cartoon series. Captain Planet is the combine creation of the five elements earth, wind, fire, water, heart. Captain Planet is tasked with defending the planet from the greatest of disasters and making efforts to educate mankind about Mother Nature. And that must be kley’s “animal sprit”. This man will go to a supermarket realize he forgot his grocery bag and refuse to use a plastic bag even though he has 10 items to check out. So what does he do? He carries them home using his hands. If you ever meet the guy he will tell you about the pollution plastic bags causes to the environment. And how each plastic bag can save the planet. This goes on, a walk on the beach is not about holding hands and enjoying the moment. Why would we do that. When we could be picking up trash. And that’s just what he does, after a while I got with the program and started to pick up trash as well. This spills over to the type of food we eat, which has to be organic. The clothes we wear, has to be eco friendly. Of course this was the cause of most arguments in the beginning, now I just laugh about it and sing the Captain Planet theme song when he gets into his saving the planet mode. After 3 years with this wonderful man, I find myself eating better and being more conscious about the environment. What used to annoy me now delights me.

31 yoga2) Career & Success

Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life. Having worked in sales for 10 years, I enjoy hitting targets and making commissions. However my dad has always asked me one question and that was, “Are you happy?” I had to be honest with myself and the truth was it was just a job to pay my bills. So at 25, I decided to make a change. I notice my health was not where I wanted it to be. I took up yoga classes to help me with my fitness. After 10 classes, I knew I wanted to take a yoga instructor course. Having no intentions to teach but I wanted to have the skills to work on myself daily. You can say, I awaken the dreamer in me. I can’t tell you how much you have to protect your dream, you will have people look at you like you’ve lost your mind or tell you how much you can’t do it. Word of advice walk away from these people. I also found my true friends the people who motivated me, encouraged me and best of all believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. These are elements that fuel your dream in moments you wanna give up. It’s only after teaching my first few classes, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. If your gonna make a decision based on monetary value then your dream will have a short live life. Base your decision on what makes you happy, teaching yoga gives me soul satisfaction. I was ever asked a question “what will you do if you weren’t teaching yoga?” Absolutely nothing is the answer to that. If I’m not teaching yoga, I’m practicing yoga. If I’m not practicing yoga, I’m reading about yoga. And if I’m not reading about yoga, I’m meditating…you see where I’m going with this. Now when I started out it was not peaches and cream. Having no experience and wanting to sharpen my skill I took up teaching for free for two years. I made absolutely no money but gained plenty of experience. This is where your positive family and friends come in. As looking at your bank account will get you down. But love and support will bring it back up. 5 years later, I run a yoga business; running workshop, retreats & classes. Now the question of success, you define your own success. If success means having a big house and fancy cars and huge bank account. Then I clearly miss that boat 😉 but if success is being happy and creating a positive change to the people around you. Then I’m exactly where I want to be 🙂

31 growth3)Personal Growth:

Learning is a life long process,It’s never too late to learn something new 😉 As you get older you start to realize you get pulled in many different directions. Your family, your work, your partner, your friends. Learn to say no. You don’t have to attend every family function, work event, friends gathering. Instead spend time with yourself doing what you love, it could be anything from spending a day at the spa, working out at the gym or learning a new skill. I picked up playing the piano a year ago. As a kid growing up, I love listening to classical piano music. When I first heard of Chopin and Beethoven I was drawn to the piano but never took the time to learn it. As I grew older, I realised this attraction to the musical instrument was still very much there and I had to make time for it. A year later, I now play Fur Elise to unwind from a busy day. If we didn’t force ourselves to grow out of things we still love, we might do a better job of growing up. And if we do a better job of growing up, we will likely have a far more successful and fulfilling experience growing into who we are each meant to be.


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