Love Thyself

Learning to love yourself just the way you are is one of the biggest lesson you will ever learn. It’s not the perfection but the imperfections that make you, uniquely you. Never conform to society’s standards of beauty or success. Instead define yourself with what you have been given whether you are a size 2 or size 22, whether you have a million dollars or a hundred dollars. That’s not to say you don’t work hard to be the best version of yourself. Strive to become the best You can be. The beauty of self love is that it allows you to be confident about who you are. You start to operate in a way where you move towards places/ people where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Letting go of all that holds you back from burning bright. You realize your worth and stand up for what you believe in as you deserve nothing but the best the world has to offer. Self love is also the gateway to happiness. You discover happiness is very much a inside job. No amount of money, vacations, things or people can give you the soul satisfaction you are looking for. You can never run away from your self. Start to look within. Love thyself.


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