Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurvedic Yoga

With so many types of yoga classes in the market how do you choose what is best for you? Should you go with Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Yin? How about doing what is best for your body instead? Learn about Ayurveda’s concept of the doshas, or individual constitutions: kapha (earth/water), pitta (water/fire), vata (air/space). Commonly, one Dosha is more dominant and guides the way to a lifestyle that suits you best. Often, due to many factors in our environments like weather, seasons, lifestyle choices and diet, the most dominant Dosha tends to become imbalanced. Knowing your doshas and how to balance them can help you customize our yoga practice for maximum results. Join me for a transformational and educational programme designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. 

Classes Includes;

-Wellness consultation to balance doshas

-Asana (Yoga postures)

-Pranayama (Breathing techniques)

-Relaxation (Meditation technique)

For more information on the classes you can contact me at rbanu84@gmail.com


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