Rashita’s advanced classes are conducted in a methodical and safe manner. Her instructions are clear and precise which is essential in gaining better insights into each pose one does. After twelve years of doing yoga, I would say Rashita is one of the best instructor whom I am currently practicing with.

-Winnie Tan-

“In the beginning, I was unsteady and “stiff as a board”, but NEVER ONCE did I feel that I was lagging behind the other students. Rashita was exceptionally reminding all of us that we are individuals, to take things slowly, and that at every class to follow your bodies’ cues. I got motivated and even got my best friend to sign up too as she was suffering from sleeping disorder. She got better! I am beginning to feel like a new person.  I look forward to every Tuesdays and many more to come. Take it from me, it’s never too late to start Yoga.”

-Nuraini Noor-

“Since I have been attending the class I have felt l am part of a new journey, one that not only embraces physical challenges, but also mental barriers too”

-Michaela Smith-

When I first joined Rashita’s Yoga Foundation and Ashtanga Yoga classes, I was at a low both mentally and physically  however after three months of practicing yoga weekly, I feel stronger in both mind and body and have  now also included the Ashtanga Core class to my weekly routine to give me a truly rounded impact for my yoga journey. Meeting and training with Rashita is like seeing an old friend after many years of absence, you pick  up exactly where you left and you feel like you never left.I would say wholeheartedly for anyone wanting to give yoga practice a chance please do, it’s probably the greatest gift that I have given myself.

-Shantal Chapman-


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